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Mage Stuff for WoD

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Arcane: Mana Adept's design should be a balance of damage and haste. High mana = more damage, low mana = more haste. Think about it. Lower mana you go, faster you cast, faster you regen mana. But you sacrifice damage, so it adds an accelerated burn with a creative consequence that can be gamed in fights.

Frost: Icicles could be triggered, apply a cold-stacking (to the caster, so no target switching issues) debuff as they hit so each subsequent icicle hits harder. Puts haste back on top in single target and provides a frost-only type of complex skill rotation. You'd want to use periods of burst haste to machine gun icicles, but balanced such that you wouldn't always be releasing them. Still wouldn't need to be tracked, your interaction with the mastery just changes based off haste.

Fire: Ignite generates heat each time refreshed, tracked as a debuff, which increases critical strike chance by a small chance each and reduces mastery by a small chance per stack. Upon release of a pyroblast or combustion it resets the stack of heat. Helps low-geared fire get a crit ramp, helps fuel a combustion. Can be gamed a bit with a hard-cast pyro.

Tier 1:
Presence of Mind: 1.5 min cooldown / Instant
When activated, your next Mage spell with a casting time less than 10 sec becomes an instant cast spell. Increases your movement speed by 30% until consumed. This spell is not on the global cooldown.

Blazing Speed: No change

Ice Floes: No change

Tier 2:
Temporal Shield: No change

Flameglow: Passive
Absorbs the light of nearby heals, healing you for 15% of the healing done to friendly targets within 10 yards up to a maximum of 5% of your health per heal.

Ice Barrier: No change (remove from GCD?), but add this glyph:
Glyph of Ice Barrier: Your ice barrier will now prevent the next interrupt, incapacitate, stun, or fear effect but will absorb half its damage.

Tier 3:
Ring of Frost: Become Baseline, replace with:
Warp Space: 2 sec cast, 2 min cooldown
Up to 10 enemies within 10 yds are teleported to the target location within 45 yds.

Ice Ward: Passive, triggers Hypothermia
Upon reaching 25% of your maximum health, all enemies within 10 yds will become frozen in place for 5 sec and the cooldown of your Presence of Mind, Blazing Speed, or Ice Floes will reset.

Remove Frostjaw, replace with:
Blast Wave: instant, 1.5 min cooldown
A wave of heat radiates outward from the target location. All enemies caught within the blast are slowed by 50% for 3 sec and cannot benefit from movement speed increases for the duration.

Tier 4:
Greater Invisibility: No changes

Cauterize: No changes

Cold Snap: Instant, 3 min cooldown
Add passive effect: If fatal damage would be dealt to you, encases you in a block of ice at 1% of your maximum health and places Ice Block on cooldown. This effect cannot occur during hypothermia or if Ice Block is on cooldown. It does not place Cold Snap on cooldown.
Active effect: no changes

Tier 5:
Remove Nether Tempest
Remove Living Bomb
Remove Frost Bomb

Add: Spellfire Tempest
Modifies your Mage Bomb, allowing it to be placed on unlimited targets and deal 3900 (+292.32% of Spell power) spellfire damage over 12 sec. Each time Spellfire Tempest deals damage, an additional 50% of that damage is also dealt to a random target within 10 yards.

Add: Frostfire Bomb
Modifies your Mage Bomb, allowing it to be placed on two targets and deal 5166 (+321.44% of Spell power) frostfire damage over 18 sec. Each time the target takes a tick of damage, there is a 15% chance their movement speed will be slowed by 30% for 2 sec.

Add: Spellfrost Implosion
Instant, 10 sec cooldown
Modifies your Mage Bomb, allowing it to be placed on one target causing 4600 (+367% of Spell power) spellfrost damage after 6 sec. 33% of the damage will be dealt in a flurry of spellfrost crystals that will hit up to 6 enemies within 10yds of the target. All affected targets are slowed by 70% for 2 sec.

Tier 6:
Remove Invocation
Remove Incanter's Ward

Change Rune of Power:
After a successful spell cast, a rune of power with a radius of 8yds draws itself underneath the caster. While standing in this Rune mana regeneration is increased by 75% and spell damage is increased by 8%. The caster will not lose this benefit if their mirror images stand in this rune and the mirror images will last for an additional 12 sec if standing in the rune. This rune fades if neither mage or images are standing in it for 6 sec.

Add Pact of Flame:
After a successful spell cast, a large circle of flame visible only to the caster is centered around the target, causing the damage taken from the caster on all targets within 40yd to be increased by 10%. Periodically bursts of flame will empower the caster, regenerating mana. Mirror images will also be able to cast flamestrike when active.

Add Icy Ground:
After a successful spell cast, many ice crystals will develop on the ground in random crystalline formations within 45yds. Standing on the ice crystals will amplify the caster's multistrike and cleave damage by 12%. Periodically the crystals will explode, restoring mana to the caster. Mirror Images will run to these crystals and provide the caster the benefit of standing in them and the images are now able to cast while moving.
Posted Nov 26, 13 · OP
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So much of this sounds like a nerf to the mage community in general.. From a first and quick glance, this is what I see:

Fire: Useless unless the crit gain is +10% per cast while mastery loss is -3% or lower per cast. This tier you tend to unload an instant pyroblast every 2-4 seconds on average because of 4 set bonus, so next tier it may be beneficial but it will definitely be modified again by 6.1.

Tier 1: PoM change = no change. Unless it turns into a 150% speed increase until consumed, it's 100% useless unless running back from a wipe, and the 1:30 cooldown isn't a good idea to risk putting PoM on cooldown just to reset by the time we force-cancel it anyway.

Tier 2: Flameglow will be OP. Temporal shield will still be the appropriate shield when you can expect a [current day] 500k - 700k hit coming all at once, but otherwise any min/max mages will stick with Flameglow 100% of the time, and let's face it, almost all mages are min/max these days.

Tier 3: Yay! Blast Wave is back in all it's glory!

Tier 4: Cold Snap is the new Cauterize. Until everything is on farm and mechanics are expected, I don't see mages using Cauterize.

Tier 5: Spellfire Tempest appears insanely dominant. It cleaves like NT, has unlimited targets, 292% spell power damage. Frostfire bomb doesn't mention anything about cleave/aoe damage, can only be applied to 2 targets, and it's 321% spell power damage. Spellfrost Implosion sounds like a nerfed version of Frost Bomb which has already been swapped to LB for most fights this tier involving 6+ enemies.

Tier 6: Yay rune of power for all specs.... I hate you Blizzard. I hate you. I hate you soooooo much. 私はあなたが嫌いBLIZZARD!!
Posted Nov 26, 13
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Akraen a
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Provide feedback/tweaks please while it's in the easy stages to change.
Posted Nov 26, 13 · OP
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